360 Virtual Tours increase online Hospitality Bookings

More and more, online visitors are seeking better visual engagement to help them in their purchasing decisions. For the hospitality industry, 360 Virtual Tours are proven to offer an excellent ROI, increased engagement and a more interactive experience.

Recent studies have shown that online viewers are 115% more likely to book a hotel that has 360 Virtual Tours on its website. The age of taking some nice photos and inserting them into your website to sell a location is over! More and more, customers are becoming harder to impress and are expecting better content. Competition is ever increasing and brands are struggling to differentiate themselves. 

Some other statistics show a trend moving towards more visuals when choosing a property. 59% of online travelers would be “useful” or “very useful” in helping them select a hotel that matches their preferences and expectations. 67% of people want more business listings to have virtual tours to help aid decision making. For a savvy marketer, these are figures that cannot be ignored.


Many worldwide hotel brands have now made VR tours the norm after seeing great benefits as guests can get full interactive and immersive view of the property before making their booking decision.

Why Virtual Tours?

·                Showcase your property in 360 degrees on

·                Pull Traffic to your site and keep people on the site longer.

·                Drive Engagement and add a wealth of extra information

·                Increase Sales and Conversions (Raddison Hotels reported 135% increase in revenue from hotels using VR tours, ROI in less than 4 weeks, and 4% conversion rate through virtual tour booking pages)


In addition, VR tours allow you to showcase the entire property including amenities, conference facilities (great for MICE marketing) on-site restaurants, spa and exercise facilities. Best Western recently pushed Virtual Tours across all its North American Hotels and reported fantastic ROI.

What about Google?

An often overlooked aspect of VR tours is the ability to add them to your Google Maps and Google Business listings. After adding the VR walkthrough, guests can get a street view style tour of your property and this has great benefits to your SEO and search rankings. As Charles Armstrong, Head of Google Streetview notes, "Listings with a photo AND virtual tour are twice as likely to generate interest".

How does it work?

VR tours are produced by taking a series of panoramas of the location and then stitching them together using software to create the 360 effect. At this stage, interactivity is also added for photos, text, video, audio and booking integration. It also pays to hide features or "easter eggs" inside the tours and offer rewards to guests such as upgrades or discounts as this increases immersion and engagement! Once the tours are ready, they are delivered as HTML files that can be quickly inserted into your website. Good quality tours will load fast on your website but it's important that your host is set up to handle the extra bandwidth needed to load speedily.

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